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Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Make Money Selling On Amazon - Helpful Tips To Get Started

How to Make Money Selling On Amazon?
So you are interested in learning how to make money selling on Amazon and earning affiliate commissions for your efforts. Many internet marketers are cashing in on the boom in popularity of the internet and online shopping. Understanding how to make money selling on Amazon can lead to a successful internet business. Within this article, I will go provide some helpful tips that can help you bring this all together.

Knowing how to make money selling on Amazon is not rocket science. I have helped many others with no experience get started, and I am always getting Thank You calls from them as they reach new goals. How to make money selling on Amazon just takes some understanding, and knowledge of what to do and when.

It does require a certain skill set to successfully get a campaign up and running. For starters, you need to decide which platform to build a website to use, I like Word Press. Remember, will need to approve your website at the time you apply for the affiliate program. I recommend just getting a functional website up and running about ANY product you want, nothing fancy just provide some unique content. You will get approved right away, and then you will be able to sell using's links and banners.

As I said earlier, knowing how to make money selling on Amazon is not necessarily that difficult, but it does require you to apply some basic internet marketing principles and techniques. Some of these would include: researching keywords, building basic websites (easy now), learning SEO (search engine optimization), site promotion, writing ad copy, and many others. Luckily, these things are something anyone can do.

The successful internet marketers, the ones who know how to make money selling on Amazon, and with other affiliate networks have one thing in common. Good Training.

Why is it that affiliates love selling products for

To name a few.....

-HUGE Product Selection
-Amazon is a trusted source on online shopping (Credibility)
-Hefty Commissions
-Easy to manage affiliate program
-Helpful affiliate stats
-Easy rankings in Google for new products
-And many others

Learning how to make money selling on Amazon is a great start if you are interested in internet marketing. Amazon is a highly reputable online shopping destination, and helps your site gain the visitors confidence. Developing your skill set is all that keeps you from earning great commissions from Anyone with the desire to do this can succeed!

Selling products from is a great way to go if you are getting into affiliate marketing. Once you learn and apply the right techniques you will be able to set up successful campaigns at will. Opportunity will present itself at every corner. The faster you start learning is the faster you start earning!

By Josh A Parker

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

One Grand A Day Review - How To Profit From Amazon Affiliate Program Easily?

Affiliate Program
How To Profit From Amazon Affiliate Program Easily?
Are you interested to find out more about the One Grand A Day package and what you can learn from it? Being an Amazon affiliate is truly amazing, because you get to promote all the products in their directory ranging from electronic devices to books to gym equipments.

I am currently making a full time living marketing Amazon products through Google AdWords and my blogs. So how can the product One Grand A Day help you? It covers techniques involving pay per click methods to market Amazon products, but does it work?

Overview of One Grand A Day

This package is meant for beginners who are interested in making money from Amazon's affiliate program using one of the fastest techniques which is Google AdWords. It helps beginners avoid common mistakes that can be costly and time consuming. These mistakes will be further elaborated below. On top of the step by step instructions, One Grand A Day also includes a software called Amazon Hunter which you are going to find very useful once you understand how to market the products.

Mistake #1: Promoting Poorly Rated Products

Even though there are millions of products in Amazon's directory, not all of them are worth promoting! This mistake is typically made by beginners, and it is very costly. Basically, you need to check user ratings of the product you are about to promote on Amazon's review system. A poor product will have bad comments written about it, and visitors who see such comments will become less likely to buy the product.

Mistake #2: Promoting Low End Products

Amazon's affiliate commission rates are low because the products are physical goods. Always target high end products with high prices if you want to profit from paid advertising. The affiliate program is volume based and your commission rates will increase when you exceed certain numbers of products sold. This means that the more you sell, the larger the % commission you earn.

Traditionally, it would take a huge effort for any advertiser to set up many ad campaigns. Nowadays, there is software that can help you setup hundreds of campaigns quickly, yet many Amazon affiliates are not using it today!

What Is Amazon Hunter?

This is one of the latest software that works automatically with your Google AdWords account. By using the editor of Amazon Hunter, you can upload thousands of product campaigns within a few minutes straight into your AdWords account. This software is included with the One Grand A Day package.

By Michelle Tan

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