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Groobix helps you run and control your sales, and your most important business processes.
1. Accelerate your sales and maximize results

Groobix helps you avoid delays in your sales process and makes your salespeople keep the pace.

Each day your team gets a guide with all the sales tasks to get done, and make all opportunities move forward.

2. Supervise your sales like never before

With clear, useful graphics, keep an eye on your sales and your team's work.

Monitor your business progress from anywhere and make sure all opportunities advance as planed, or react rapidly to any change.

3.Differentiate from your competition with Groobix online Sales Quotes and Invoices

Bring your customers to your own branded web-pages to present them with your Sales Quotes and Invoices.

Your invoices and quotes are now also a great marketing tool!

4. Promote your business and win new customers

With Groobix it's extremely easy to make your business known and heard online, on the web and in social networks.

Groobix apps implement the online marketing full circle: promotion -> lead capture -> lead management, with no technical knowledge required.

5. Modernize your Customer Service

Leverage the web to serve your customers at maximum speed.

Create unlimited web forms. Groobix helps you receive your customers or prospects requests, and quickly identify and route new business opportunities to your sales team.

6. Improve your productivity with online collaboration tools

Groobix includes applications specially crafted to improve your business' productivity.

From internal discussiones, to project management and multi-user todo lists. Share documents and useful information to coordinate your team and make it tick like a swiss clock.

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Are the rising cost of living and expenses affecting your life? WE CAN HELP YOU.

Professional trading signals sent to your mobile phone.

We are a company of professional wealthy ex hedge fund traders with 20 years of experience using the best strategies known today.

Our mission is to help thousands of traders all over the world succeed in trading and making money while reducing the risk to a minimum.

Among our clients you can find professional hedge funds, investment houses, big institutions and independent traders like you.

Our main goal is to help you earn and trade less so you won't enrich the brokers and burn your money.

We want you to trade earn a steady monthly income from home like a professional, but most importantly we want to help you keep your money safe.

Professional trading signals sent to your mobile phone.

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Ranked As The #1 Live Trading Room For Forex & Binary Options

How to implement market futures and stock futures, Over 15 Years Of Trading Experience.
KILLER Binary Options & Forex Strategies We Use Daily
INCREDIBLE In Depth Market Analysis On Multiple Assets
QUALITY Trading Education & Discipline Training

Today, just about anyone that wants to be successful with binary options and Forex trading makes it a point to buy a membership to Binary Options Trading Signals (BOTS). Regardless of your experience level, you can now join with tons of other amazing members and begin learning from a Master Trader with over 15 years experience in trading the markets. With our consistent strategies, members aim to take massive profits from the market every single day by watching our charts which host many of our custom developed indicators and tools.
Once you subscribe, you will see why so many people feel that no other program can compare to it.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Three Simple Steps and Your BV Will Be Gone in Three Quick Days!

All it takes are three simple ingredients, that you can find at your local drug and health food stores.

How to home treatment for bv itching

Dear friend,
Hello, my name is Elena Peterson and I'm a medical researcher and PAST chronic BV sufferer who went for years repeatedly getting BV infections.
I urge you to keep reading as you are about to finally discover the real truth about bacterial vaginosis, its cause and how to cure it naturally!

Due to my own battle with bacterial vaginosis I can definitely sympathize with why you are here today. You can trust me when I say that I know what you are going through, such as:
The burning and itching and the "fishy" smell and the discharge that are all caused by bacterial vaginosis
The bad feelings that come after you ruin another pair of underwear
Being too embarrassed to have sex with your husband or boyfriend
Not being able to sit still and to have to run to the bathroom again and again and feel your co-workers' or friends' eyes on you the whole way
I know what it is like to go to the doctor and have him imply that your condition is the result of sexual promiscuity.
And I know what it's like to powder and spray yourself again and again and again to get rid of the smell ... only to keep smelling that "fishy" odor.
I also know what it's like to take harsh antibiotics that seem to work ... only to have the symptoms return with a vengeance a couple of weeks later, usually right after you've gotten your hopes up that this time, finally, the drugs really worked and your BV is gone for good!
I went through all of the above myself again and again until I finally got fed up with the "medical establishment" and decided to take matters into my own hands.
I Decided to Do What I Do Best - Which is Research
That's right, after years of almost continual BV infections I began to conduct extensive research on the condition myself because it became clear that I just wasn't going to get the answers I needed from my doctor.
I began to read everything that I could find on bacterial vaginosis. I read books, journals, articles, websites, anything and everything about bacterial vaginosis that I could find.
I even emailed, called or visited doctors from around the world in an effort to get them to share their knowledge of this condition with me.
And what I began to learn surprised me.
For one thing, I discovered that the health of our vagina is greatly affected by what we eat and drink.
It's true.
For another thing, I learned that most of the bacterial vaginosis treatment methods available today actually, over the long run, make your bacteria vaginosis worse!
When I learned that I was so angry! All the antibiotic creams that I had tried in the past had only made things worse! What a waste of time and money!
Slowly I Began to Zero in on That All-Too-Elusive BV Cure ...
As I learned more and more about bacterial vaginosis, I began to test what I learned hoping to come up with something that would enable me to break the cycle of BV infections that I was currently experiencing.
But nothing that I tried worked. You can imagine my disappointment.
In fact, after numerous failures I was about to give up, when, as if by a miracle, I made a discovery that would change my life - as well as the lives of thousands of other women across the globe, forever!
This discovery was like the final piece of the puzzle and it allowed me to take all of my research and the powerful secrets that I had learned and create an easy to follow three-step program that targets the root cause of bacteria vaginosis.

This 3-step attack is something that nobody else in the world has put together!
And here's the kicker - this three-step plan doesn't just cure bacterial vaginosis ... it will also dramatically boost your overall health in general.
The truth is since I've started using this plan myself I haven't gotten sick, not even so much as a cold, in over three years!
YES! You Can Get Rid of Your Bacterial Vaginosis!
You really can! You don't have to live with this embarrassing condition any longer.

All it takes are three simple ingredients (that you can find at your local drug and health food stores), three simple steps and your BV will be gone in three quick days!

By Elena Peterson

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Teeth Whitening Can Make Your Smile Brighter

By Anna Bird

How to Get White Teeth
It's normal for the teeth of the average person to suffer stains or discoloration as we age. Even the best oral care and dental hygiene may not prevent stains and discoloration 100%.

There are several everyday factors, such as foods we eat and beverages we drink, that impact the appearance of our teeth. On top of that, simple age will turn our teeth a different color. In other words, it is natural for teeth to become "discolored" over time.

There's no need to get depressed about it, though. Modern teeth whitening treatments can restore the bright, youthful appearance to your smile in a safe, effective manner.

If you have concerns about dental teeth whitening, you're not alone, but hopefully, you'll feel more at ease once you see some of the basic facts behind this procedure. Read more to get all the info you need about the innovative procedures involved.

In-Office vs. Store-Bought Kits

Although there are numerous at-home whitening kits available in local stores, they may be less effective as professional-in-office whitening. In fact, not all store-bought teeth-whitening kits have the approval of the American Dental Association.

Store-bought whitening kits come in varying strengths, shapes, and applications. If not used correctly, they can cause sensitivity and possibly damage... without delivering the desired results.

In-office solutions, on the other hand, use some very powerful whitening agents - so powerful, in fact, that you can't buy it over the counter. They must be applied to the teeth by someone who has been fully trained. This will ensure you get the results you want (many people leave their appointment with teeth up to 10 shades brighter) without risking unwanted impact on the gums and soft tissues.

Who's a Good Candidate?

Keep in mind, not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening, so it's important to discuss your options with the dentist.

If you're thinking about getting your teeth whitened, ask your dentist to perform a full evaluation on your current dental health. If you are currently suffering from infected gums, sensitive teeth, tooth decay or dental work, your dentist may recommend addressing those problems before starting any whitening treatments.

Of course, that doesn't mean you're completely out of luck. Your dentist may be able to suggest alternative options to brighten your smile. Just because you may not be a suitable candidate for in-office-tooth whitening doesn't mean you can't have the beautiful smile you've always wanted.

So, who is a good candidate? Every situation is different, but as long as you have been taking care of your teeth and show basically good oral hygiene, you are a candidate for most in-house whitening procedures.

The Procedure and The Results

During the treatment, the dentist will carefully protect the gum tissue from the whitening agent, apply the product, and use a special light to activate the treatment. Your treatment should take less than an hour and you can improve your smile in a single visit.

However, there are some solid, at-home alternatives that can help you brighten a smile. Personalized trays can be created, take home teeth "bleach" is applied, and you can get the dazzling-white smile you've always dreamed of in the comfort of your own home.

A brighter, healthier smile can make you look years younger and, in just one visit, you can be smiling with confidence again.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

4 Ways to Satisfy a Woman in Bed - Sure-Fire Tips to Satisfy Her and Make Her Scream With Delight

By Crid Lee

How to satisfy a woman in bed..
How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed
As a man, it is always our job to satisfy a woman in bed. According to a recent poll, we discovered that 80% of women asked, who admitted to being unfaithful to their husbands or boyfriends, said they betrayed their male partners because of their inability to satisfy them in bed.

Therefore, you must do your part to give your girl pleasure. If you feel it is an uphill challenge to satisfy your girl in bed due to whatever reason, you are at the right place today. In this article, I will share with you 4 sure-fire ways to please your lady and bring her to orgasm heaven.

1. Make your girl feel loved. In order for her to enjoy sex, you must make her feel loved. Women do not like us to view them as just a physical sex object. Emotions and love must be involved in order to make them enjoy sex. So make some extra effort to show your love to her. Ask her out for a candlelight dinner to build up the atmosphere. Tell her how much you appreciate and treasure the time that she is by your side. If you can make her feel loved, you will reap the rewards when the both of you get home tonight.

2. Exchange fantasies. Everyone has a fantasy and I am sure your girl has one too. Exchanging fantasies is a great way to arouse sex. If possible, try to fulfill her fantasy.

3. Spend more time on foreplay. Most men tend to rush things and can't wait to get inside her. If you want to satisfy a woman in bed, don't do this. Spend more time on foreplay and make sure you stimulate all of her erogenous zones, such as neck, breasts, inner thighs, spine, clitoris, etc. Use your fingers to run through her vagina in order to hit her g-spot and give her an orgasm.

4. Last longer. Do you know how disappointed your woman will get if you ejaculate as soon as sex begins? You need to last long enough in order for her to reach orgasm. To satisfy her, you need to last at least 5 to 10 minutes. Most women won't settle for anything less.

So here you have the 4 sure-fire ways to satisfy a woman in bed. Learning how to pleasure a girl can be one of the most rewarding and power skills you will ever learn. So, make sure you put in the extra effort to master this skill.

However, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, it is quite impossible for you to please a woman in bed. You need to solve this problem first before you can go any further. Premature ejaculation is not a permanent condition, and you can stop it naturally. If you want to stop premature ejaculation permanently and please women in bed like every man should, check out the site below.

To last longer in bed tonight and stop premature ejaculation permanently, follow the step-by-step system below...

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Penentuan Tanggal 1 Ramadlan dan 1 Syawal : oleh Dr. H. M. Shaleh, SH., ...

Cara menentukan tanggal 1 Ramadlan dan 1 Syawal ketika akan memulai dan mengakhiri puasa Ramadlan, oleh Dr. H. M. Shaleh, SH., M.Hum., Wakil Ketua Pengadilan Tinggi Agama Bengkulu.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cara Penentuan Tanggal 1 Ramadlan dan 1 Syawal

Ijtima' akhir Sya'ban/awal Romadlon 1436 H. jatuh pada tanggal 16 Juni 2015 jam 21.6. Bulan pada saat matahari terben├ám tanggal itu masih di bawah ufuk. Oleh karena itu kita genapkan bulan Sya'ban menjadi 30 hari, sehingga tanggal 1 Romadlon sepakat jatuh pada hari Kamis tgl 18 Juni 2015. Adapun ijtima' akhir Romadlon / awal Syawal 1436 H. jatuh pada hari Kamis tanggal 16 Juli 015 jam 8.25 menit. Tinggi bulan pada hari Kamis 16 juli 2015 di saat matahari terbenam adalah 2 derajat 43 menit. Insya Allah tanggal 1 Syawal 1436 H. sepakat jatuh pada hari Jum'at tanggal 17 Juli 1436 H. 

Dihisab oleh Dr. H. Muhammad Shaleh, SH., M.Hum, Wakil Ketua Pengadilan Tinggi Agama Bengkulu.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The New Trend In Hiring Employees: Adaptation

Is there a new trend in Hiring Employees?
Applying for that next big job with the fancy perks, the fresh new career prospect and the big pay cheque has become second nature to a lot of us these days, especially with Generation Y rising through the ranks. It's not a particularly bad thing - in fact, it's a healthy thing, as it demonstrates a shift in thinking from living-to-work, to working-to-live. Change is as good as a holiday, and with our employment consuming such a large part of lives each week, combined with the huge array of opportunities that exist, who can blame us? Everyone today is far more focused on job satisfaction and work-life balance, because we want to feel empowered, appreciated, and fulfilled.

This trend is nothing new, but there is a different pattern emerging as businesses start to recognise how fast the commercial environment is evolving today.

Perhaps only a few years ago, employment agencies and employers themselves would stipulate that sheer experience in a similar role was the only qualification that was absolutely essential. It was in every job ad (usually in bold), and seemed to be the only criterion that was of any importance. If you had five years experience, you were in; and this made sense: as an employer, you want someone that can do their job well and maximise output in each role pretty much from the word 'go'. While this is still the case, and still important, there has been a noticeable shift in recruitment, with employers starting to focus strongly on other, even more valuable characteristics in their candidates (and if they're not, they should be).

Change has always been the only permanent constant, and, while this has been said over and over for years, it has never been truer than it is today. Industries and global economies are embracing technology at a rate never even seen or imagined before, business models are evolving, product offerings are more innovative, and the customer has become such a well-informed, complex being, that Marketing has had to reassess it's techniques to what I have called the "Empathetic Marketing" approach.

With all of these changes occurring on a daily basis, an organisation has to adapt or die. Therefore, they need to be full of employees up to this kind of challenge. This means that the ability to appreciate, embrace and adapt to change is becoming the most important virtue an employee can possess, especially with management. Gone are the days of conservative executives and the inertia of upper management; if an organisation isn't looking at itself constantly and re-evaluating its competitive position, it's going to have a turbulent future. An innovative workplace embraces this challenge, and a healthy (not to mention profitable) culture will emerge to take on the new world.

So, when hiring, ensure that you're delving deep for the switched-on, change-embracing, innovative candidate who will see your business through an ever-evolving landscape. Equally as important, as a person looking for your dream job, earn their respect by ensuring that your resume reflects your recognition of this kind of environment, emphasises your strengths and experiences in striving to adapt and experiment, your willingness to problem solve, and your commitment to embracing inevitable change.

By Christopher Melotti

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Can You Really Make Money Online? Yes You Can!

Can You Really Make Money Online?
Can you really make money online, is a question often asked by people wanting to set up an online business, the answer is definitely yes. Many, thousands or millions of people are doing just that. Small amounts made by beginners to vast amounts and regular earnings. Everyone from Millionaires to work-at-home moms are working online at a variety of pursuits. Making money is definitely possible when you have an online business.

What are your Strengths? What are you Good at?

Because there is such a great diversity of things you can do online, you first have to decide what is right for you. In what area do you want to work? What Niche are you passionate about? If you choose an area you are passionate about you will enjoy learning more about your hobby and sharing it with others. It will make the long hours you will have to put in to your hobby-business at first, more enjoyable, and people will feel your enthusiasm in your news letters emails and articles. Caring is sharing.

You need a Good Tried and Tested Plan

You need a good business plan to set you off in the right direction and save you wasting time, otherwise all your efforts can be counter productive. You need a good mentor, someone who has already achieved what you are planning to do.

Traffic and Visitors to your Website

You need a list of genuinely interested prospects, without those you don't have a business.

Emails and Articles

Emails you send to people have to be helpful, solve problems be interesting and sometimes funny. Use broadcast emails as well as regular follow-up emails to those opting-in for your offers. Keep your customers interested.

User friendly professional looking website with a good layout

Your website should look good, be easy to navigate and full of useful information, designed to appeal to the specific group you are targeting.


Always give more than expected in everything you do, do things because you care about your customers. Don't think only of money. Make your products in some way unique, add bonuses etc. Let your SEO rankings grow organically write for people not search engines.

Test everything - start small and grow.

Make the most of everything you do. Don't wait for perfection, improve with practice, but do things as well as you can at the moment and keep learning. Never give up. Expect it to take a while to develop your business and if possible start as a hobby-business, retaining your job. There will be long hours, but less money related stress this way, unless you have unlimited funds.

Hopefully I have given you some good pointers to grow your business and enjoy working on your venture. Below are some books you may find helpful.

"Thank God It's Monday" by Charles Cameron & Suzanne Elusorr.

It is basically about finding work, or starting a business that is totally right for you and until you find it, how to improve your feelings towards your current job. It also discusses doing paid work in order to fund setting up your own venture. I thought this truly relevant for many starting in business. There are exercises to help you decide on your true vocation.

Not only does it show you how to survive a job you dislike intensely, but how certain strategies will help you almost enjoy it! A friend tried the techniques and was amazed at the difference it made for her. I can certainly recommend it as an interesting read with added benefits - Enjoy.

The next book I would like to introduce is:

"Live Life First Class"- by Kenneth Hurst.

This is a very thin easy to read book with a simple but powerful message. It opens with him catching a train and the porter despite his menial position, taking delight in his job and learning everything he could in every aspect of his job.

It's about giving 10% extra in every thing you do, to gain a much bigger return on your efforts. Once again a little old faded book with a fantastic message. I hope it's still in print - Enjoy

Two very well-known books By Dale Carnegie, that I have read many times.

"How To Stop Worrying And Start Living"

Here is the story of how, in desperate circumstances he quit his job, and started teaching public speaking. It has techniques to stop people worrying about all the events and areas of their lives. How he turned his life around, and the lives of all he came in contact with. It is full of practical suggestions.

A very well read book that most people have heard of, well worth reading!

Also by Dale Carnegie and just as well-known - "How to Win Friends and Influence People"

A book I found fascinating, it gives you suggestion for changing areas of your life, teaching you how to be more confident, how to get on with people and how to be more interested in others.

"The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy

This book demonstrates how your sub-conscious mind supports you if you learn to understand the messages it sends, sometimes in the form of intuition, also how to go with the flow and let success happen rather than fight it. Success can be curing ill- health, reaching financial freedom or to succeed in whatever area you goals lie.

Hi, I'm Anne and am delighted you're enjoying my articles.

Best Wishes in your venture, take a look at the information to grow your business FAST.
I would like to introduce you to Sarah Staar's fantastic FREE information videos she has allowed me to share with you. She is a very successful Internet Marketer and Coach. Her videos are very clear and easy to follow - See for yourself whilst they are available to view FREE! You will find several on our website - enjoy!


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How to Make Money Selling On Amazon - Helpful Tips To Get Started

How to Make Money Selling On Amazon?
So you are interested in learning how to make money selling on Amazon and earning affiliate commissions for your efforts. Many internet marketers are cashing in on the boom in popularity of the internet and online shopping. Understanding how to make money selling on Amazon can lead to a successful internet business. Within this article, I will go provide some helpful tips that can help you bring this all together.

Knowing how to make money selling on Amazon is not rocket science. I have helped many others with no experience get started, and I am always getting Thank You calls from them as they reach new goals. How to make money selling on Amazon just takes some understanding, and knowledge of what to do and when.

It does require a certain skill set to successfully get a campaign up and running. For starters, you need to decide which platform to build a website to use, I like Word Press. Remember, will need to approve your website at the time you apply for the affiliate program. I recommend just getting a functional website up and running about ANY product you want, nothing fancy just provide some unique content. You will get approved right away, and then you will be able to sell using's links and banners.

As I said earlier, knowing how to make money selling on Amazon is not necessarily that difficult, but it does require you to apply some basic internet marketing principles and techniques. Some of these would include: researching keywords, building basic websites (easy now), learning SEO (search engine optimization), site promotion, writing ad copy, and many others. Luckily, these things are something anyone can do.

The successful internet marketers, the ones who know how to make money selling on Amazon, and with other affiliate networks have one thing in common. Good Training.

Why is it that affiliates love selling products for

To name a few.....

-HUGE Product Selection
-Amazon is a trusted source on online shopping (Credibility)
-Hefty Commissions
-Easy to manage affiliate program
-Helpful affiliate stats
-Easy rankings in Google for new products
-And many others

Learning how to make money selling on Amazon is a great start if you are interested in internet marketing. Amazon is a highly reputable online shopping destination, and helps your site gain the visitors confidence. Developing your skill set is all that keeps you from earning great commissions from Anyone with the desire to do this can succeed!

Selling products from is a great way to go if you are getting into affiliate marketing. Once you learn and apply the right techniques you will be able to set up successful campaigns at will. Opportunity will present itself at every corner. The faster you start learning is the faster you start earning!

By Josh A Parker

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One Grand A Day Review - How To Profit From Amazon Affiliate Program Easily?

Affiliate Program
How To Profit From Amazon Affiliate Program Easily?
Are you interested to find out more about the One Grand A Day package and what you can learn from it? Being an Amazon affiliate is truly amazing, because you get to promote all the products in their directory ranging from electronic devices to books to gym equipments.

I am currently making a full time living marketing Amazon products through Google AdWords and my blogs. So how can the product One Grand A Day help you? It covers techniques involving pay per click methods to market Amazon products, but does it work?

Overview of One Grand A Day

This package is meant for beginners who are interested in making money from Amazon's affiliate program using one of the fastest techniques which is Google AdWords. It helps beginners avoid common mistakes that can be costly and time consuming. These mistakes will be further elaborated below. On top of the step by step instructions, One Grand A Day also includes a software called Amazon Hunter which you are going to find very useful once you understand how to market the products.

Mistake #1: Promoting Poorly Rated Products

Even though there are millions of products in Amazon's directory, not all of them are worth promoting! This mistake is typically made by beginners, and it is very costly. Basically, you need to check user ratings of the product you are about to promote on Amazon's review system. A poor product will have bad comments written about it, and visitors who see such comments will become less likely to buy the product.

Mistake #2: Promoting Low End Products

Amazon's affiliate commission rates are low because the products are physical goods. Always target high end products with high prices if you want to profit from paid advertising. The affiliate program is volume based and your commission rates will increase when you exceed certain numbers of products sold. This means that the more you sell, the larger the % commission you earn.

Traditionally, it would take a huge effort for any advertiser to set up many ad campaigns. Nowadays, there is software that can help you setup hundreds of campaigns quickly, yet many Amazon affiliates are not using it today!

What Is Amazon Hunter?

This is one of the latest software that works automatically with your Google AdWords account. By using the editor of Amazon Hunter, you can upload thousands of product campaigns within a few minutes straight into your AdWords account. This software is included with the One Grand A Day package.

By Michelle Tan

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kinerja Ekonomi Era Presiden Jokowi

Era Jokowi
Bagaimana Prestasi Kinerja Ekonomi Era Presiden Jokowi?
  1. Bagaimanakah kinerja ekonomi era Presiden Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla selama awal Pemerintahannya? Bagi para ekonom, dan pengamat ekonomi (tidak harus ekonom!),  yang menyimak perkembangan ekonomi kita secara rutin, tentu bisa langsung menjawab dengan perspektifnya masing-masing. Bagi yang tidak mencermati secara rutin, jawabannya  akan dicari dengan browsing melalui internet dengan memasukkan kata kunci “kinerja ekonomi Jokowi”, dan lebih detail lagi membuka informasi statistik yang dipublikasikan oleh berbagai lembaga, baik Badan Pusat Statistik, Bank Indonesia, Bank Dunia, atau lembaga-lembaga lainnya.
  1. Bagi yang mem-browsing dari internet, maka hampir semua berita memberitakan ketidakpuasan, ketidakbecusan, atau kegagalan memenuhi apa yang dijanjikan saat kampanye dan awal pemerintahan, dan jauh dari yang diharapkan. Berita yang muncul menyuratkan dengan kata-kata: jeblok, menambah sengsara, tak punya konsep dan arah, melempem, kurang maksimal, dipertanyakan, nilai merah, kurang puas dan tidak memuaskan, lebih buruk dari SBY, dan kata-kata yang secara eksplisit maupun implisit menyatakan bahwa kinerja ekonomi selama bulan-bulan awal Pemerintahan sekarang ini buruk. Dalam bentuk kuantitatif bahkan ada lembaga (IDM, Indonesia Development Monitoring) melansir hasil surveinya: 90,5% masyarakat tidak puas dengan kinerja ekonomi. Hasil survei yang agak moderat dari Poltracking, menotal suara yang kurang puas dan tidak puas “hanya” 66,6%.  Lebih lanjut arah berita tentantang kinerja ekonomi ini dikaitkan pula dengan menilai dan menyoroti tim ekonominya, yang disuratkan dengan kata-kata: lemah, koordinasi sangat buruk, melemahkan posisi Presiden,  sehingga bermuara pada pernyataan tim ekonomi perlu dievaluasi, bahkan diadakan reshuffle.
  1. Walaupun hampir semua berita “menyudutkan”  namun belum tentu semua itu benar, terlebih dilihat dari perspektif jangka panjang.  Untuk mengevaluasi kinerja sebuah pemerintahan tentu saja tidak cukup hanya dari perjalanan hanya enam bulan saja, atau baru 10% dari total “perjalanan” pemerintahannya. Dalam kurun waktu empat setengah tahun ke depan semua bisa berubah. Kondisi ekonomi global dapat membaik dan kondusif bagi perekonomian Indonesia. Para menteri dan pembantu Presiden lainnya semakin banyak belajar, semakin baik,  dan kian berpengalaman, sehingga kinerjanya juga membaik. Pemerintahan juga sudah semakin baik koordinasinya, baik internal maupun dengan lembaga-lembaga lain di luar pemerintah, semakin stabil dan berkurang “konflik” di level elit sehingga bisa menjalankan kebijakan dengan baik.
  1. Namun demikian berbagai bad-news  itu bukanlah sesuatu yang buruk. Hal itu bagus untuk mengingatkan Pemerintahan Jokowi-JK ini. Pesan yang ingin disampaikan dari berita-berita bernada negatif itu sebetulnya sangat konstruktif: jika situasi seperti sekarang ini terus berlanjut, maka situasi terburuk bisa terjadi dalam perekonomian nasional. Perekonomian kita bukan semakin maju, melainkan akan semakin terpuruk. Indonesia akan semakin tertinggal dibanding negara-negara tetangga. Rakyat akan semakin sengsara. Oleh karena itu, berbagai berita kritis tersebut haris menjadi perhatian pemerintah, terutama tim ekonominya yang saat ini dianggap paling bertanggung jawab atas hasil buruk enam bulan pertama ini.
  1. Kalau kita mencermati berbagai data kuantitatif yang ada, maka berbagai indikator ekonomi memang secara kuantitatif menunjukkan gambaran keprihatinan. Berbagai asumsi dasar dalam APBN-P sudah meleset, yang bisa jadi akan terus memburuk.
Tabel: Asumsi Dasar Ekonomi Makro, 2009 – 2015

Kinerja Ekonomi
Bagaimana Prestasi Kinerja Ekonomi Era Presiden Jokowi? 
Nlai tukar rupiah sejak dua bulan terakhir sudah jauh di atas asumsi dasar yang Rp 12.500, bahkan sudah terdepresiasi di atas Rp 13.000 per dollarnya. Ini menggambarkan adanya instabilitas makro ekonomi kita. Demikian pula harga minyak mentah Indonesia, ternyata harganya rata-rata hanya US$53 (asumsi dasar US$ 60) per barel, lifting minyak rata-rata 742 ribu barel (asumsi dasar 825 ribu barel  per hari dan lifting gas rata-rata 1.164 (asumsi dasar 1.220) ribu barel setara minyak per hari.Tingkat inflasi, jika tidak ada sesuatu yang luar biasa, mungkin tetap aman. Demikian pula asumsi dasar suku bunga SPN 3 bulan diperkirakan masih dalam batas-batas yang sejalan dengan asumsi. Namun, beberapa kemelesetan dari asumsi itu, yang sangat mengkawatirkan pada variabel laju pertumbuhan ekonomi tersebut. Melemahnya nilai rupiah dan melesetnya harga dan produksi minyak akan sangat banyak pengaruhnya pada makro ekonomi secara keseluruhan. Ini bisa bepengaruh pada target-target atau sasaran kesempatan kerja, pengangguran, kemiskinan, distribusi pendapatan, dan variabel makro ekonomi lainnya.

  1. Membuat asumsi memang sangat tidak mudah. Faktor uncertainty (ketidakpastian) dalam perekonomian sangat tinggi. Namun kalau semua asumsi meleset, maka memang bisa dipertanyakan rasionalitas dan kompetensi penyusunan asumsi-asumsi itu. Saya menduga, penyusunan asumsi-asumsi itu juga didasarkan pada eforia kemenangan Presiden RI yang baru pada waktu itu, sehingga hanya memodifikasi asumsi yang dibuat pemerintahan sebelumnya, yang seolah akan dapat membuat perekonomian tumbuh dengan cepat. Kita mengingat, misalnya, Pak JK bahkan sempat mendengungkan pertumbuhan dua digit. Sasaran-sasaran dari kebijakan yang dibuat sungguh sangat bagus apabila bisa diwujudkan. Namun kebijakan berbeda dengan harapan atau angan-angan. Kebijakan harus dilaksanakan dan itu harus melihat tataran realitas yang ada. Oleh karena itu, apabila kebijakan itu dibuat, maka itu berarti mungkin diwujudkan dengan segalanm kendala yang ada. 
  1. Persoalan muncul manakala eforia untuk memenuhi berbagai janji surga dalam bidang ekonomi akhirnya menafikan realitas yang ada, dan kemungkinan-kemungkinan buruk yang terjadi. Rencana dan Kebijakan dibuat menjadi ambisius seolah membangun ekonomi yang baik bisa seperti membalik telapak tangan. Berasumsi bahwa apa yang ada di benak bisa dilakukan, dan lingkungan ekonomi dan masyarakat dianggap sebagai ruang hampa. Dengan kondisi seperti itu, dan ternyata fakta yang dihadapi di lapangan sangat berbeda denga yang diduga.  Dengan demikian tidak mengherankan kalau kinerja ekonomi tidak sesuai dengan yang diharapkan, lebih rendah dari sasaran, dan memberi sinyal untuk tidak terwujud dalam tahun pertama ini.
  1. Diluar asumsi dasar yang melenceng, kinerja ekonomi yang menggambarkan kinerja ekonomi yang tidak baik ini adalah penurunan indeks harga saham yang signfikan, kinerja neraca pembayaran yang ditandai melemahnya ekspor, lemahnya antisipasi harga pasca pengalihan subsidi BBM dan pelepasan bertahap harga BBM pada pasar, dan penerimaan pajak yang di bawah target, yang akan berdampak pada postur APBN secara keseluruhan. Hal ini berdampak pada tingkat kesejahteraan masyarakat secara keseluruhan.
  1. Indikator yang jelas terlihat dan membuktikan bahwa pandangan kekhawatiran para pengamat tentang jebloknya kinerja ekonomi jangka pendek adalah rendahnya lajur pertumbuhan ekonomi kwartal pertama 2015 ini. Angka pertumbuhan ekonomi kwartal I-2015 hanya  mencapai 4,71%. Hal ini   jauh di bawah target pertumbeuhan tahun 2015 yang ditargetkan sebesar 5,7%. Angka ini juga lebih kecil dari pertumbuhan ekonomi kwartal I-2014 yang tumbuh 5,2% secara tahunan (year-on-year). Dengan kondisi domestik dan global seperti sekarang,  menjadi sangat wajar jika muncul nada yang mengkhawatirkan bukan saja target pertumbuhan ekonomi tahun pertama pemerintahan Jokowi-Jk tidak tercapai,  tapi khawatir pelambatan laju pertumbuhan ekonomi ini  berlanjut. Situasi ini tentu jauh dari yang digembar-gemborkan sebelumnya, terutama saat kampanye Pilpres dan awal pemerintahan baru terbentuk. Bahkan sempat muncul optimisme bahwa perekonomian bisa tumbuh dua digit. Eforia perubahan dan arus optimisme yang disebut “Jokowi effect” melahirkan harapan besar pertumbuhan dan pemerataan ekonomi ini. Faktanya, jika dilihat sekarang, masih jauh dari harapan. Jokowi effect, dengan sosok kejujuran, efisiensi, anti korupsi, berani mengambil keputusan, seolah tidak terlihat. Oleh karena itu, tidak mengherankan pula kalau ada semacam kepanikan di elit pemerintahan terkait pertumbuhan ekonomi tersebut. Walaupun dikemas dengan kata-kata tetap optimis, namun tidak bisa menutupi kegelisahan tersebut. Bahkan sebagian anggota kabinet ekonomi pun ketar-ketir  untuk di reshuffle karena  kerasnya kritikan pada kinerja ekonomi ini. 
  1. Rendahnya lahu pertumbuhan ekonomi ini telah menimbukan berbagai pertranyaan sekaligus mencari biang keroknya. Jawaban yang cukup mengemuka dari para petinggi kita, seperti pernyataan Wapres maupun Menko Bidang Perekonomian, misalnya, adalah bahwa situasi perekonomian global tidak menguntungkan ekonomi Pelemahan perekonomian kita tidak lepas dari kondisi perekonomian global. Padahal di level global juga terjadi perlambatan, seperti perlambatan ekonomi Tiongkok dan Eropa yang merupakan pasar bagi ekspor kita.
  1. Jika itu dalihnya, maka akan muncul pertanyaan lain, yakni apakah dalam menetapkan target pertumbuhan ekonomi itu tidak mempredikasi situasi global? Jelas itu sudah diperkirakan. Ketika RAPBN diputuskan di DPR, aspek terkait dengan situasi global, seperti harga minyak dunia, nilai tukar rupiah, ataupun laju perekonomian global, sudah masuk dalam kajian sehingga ditetapkan target pertumbuhan yang “realistik”. Demikian pula situasi lokal yang diprediksi terjadi, menjadi variabel yang diperhitungkan sebelum menetapkan angka 5,7% tersebut. Jelas ekonomi kita tidak steril terhadap ekonomi global, dan itu sudah diketahui bersama. Jadi menjadi kurang pas kalau semata mengkambinghitamkan situasi internasional. Situasi domestik sendiri harus dilihat dan banyak yang perlu dibenahi. Carut-marut dalam negeri merupakan faktor yang menimbulkan ketidakpastian bagi pelaku ekonomi, pasti berkontribusi besar pada penurunan ini. Instabilitas politik dan hukum, kepemimpinan yang lemah, dan kesan ketidakpatuhan bawahan pada kepemimpinan nasional, memberikan sentimen negatif pada perekonomian. Ini juga menjadi penguat bagi perlambatan peretumbuhan ekonomi.
  1. Team-work dalam Kabinet bidang ekonomi memang tidak terlihat soliditas dan koordinasinya. Muncul kesan tidak jelas dan berjalan sendiri-sendiri, bahkan kritik yang dialamatkan kepada kabinet ekonomi ini adalah karena mereka diusung oleh faksi-faksi yang berbeda. Kebijakan sebetulnya sangat ideal, tetapi implementasinya  lemah. Kebijakan terkait pengurangan subsidi BBM dan pasarisasi BBM  juga tidak terkelola dengan baik, sehingga naik turun harga BBM domestik berdampak pada ketidakpastian harga yang merugikan masyarakat. Bukan berarti kebijakan pengurangan subsidi BBM itu buruk, namun pengelolaan dari kebijakan tersebut yang dipertanyakan. Adalah wajar kalau kemudian situasi ini  menimbulkan pertanyaan pada kompetensi kabinet di bidang ekonomi, yang ditengarai kuat tak lepas dari kabinet balas budi dan  “dagang sapi”, yang jauh berbeda dengan apa yang dijanjikan dalam kampanye presiden yang lalu.  Tak masalah sebetulnya posisi itu untuk balas budi atau jatah politisi sepanjang kompetensi dikedepankan.  Namun semua belum terlambat, pemerintahan ini baru berjalan beberapa bulan untuk memperbaiki semuanya.
  2. Namun dalam konteks pertumbuhan ekonomi ini memang tidak bisa dijadikan pegangan bahwa selanjutnya akan rendah. Tahun ini rasanya memang sulit untuk mewujudkan target pertumbuhan tahun ini  sesuai sasaran. Namun pertumbuhan lebih tinggi diperlukan untuk tahun-tahun berikutnya, tentu dengan memperhatikan aspek pemerataan yang juga cenderung makin timpang. Dalam jangka sangat pendek yang harus diwaspadai adalah apabila pertumbuhan ekonomi ini semakin melambat. Ini bisa terjadi kalau kecenderungan penurunan ini dianggap remeh, dianggap sebagai sesuatu yang sederhana dan hanya menyalahkan situasi eksternal atau global, sehingga antisipasi tidak tepat. Kalau sekarang sudah mengetahu, misalnya, permintaan produk Indonesia di pasar global melemah, lantas apa yang harus dilakukan. Bagaimana mencari pasar-pasar baru di luar pasar yang sudah ada selama ini? Bagaimana menggenjot dayasing, dan juga mendorong lebih bergeraknyta ekonomi masyarakat. Hal-hal seperti ini bukan saja harus menjadi perhatian, namunjuga harus sudah disiapkan detail antisipasinya. Sikap yang seolah menyerah, dengan mengkambinghitamkan situasi global tanpa tindakan kongkret, akan berdampak sangat buruk, karena bisa menimbulkan penurunan laju ekonomi lebih dalam akan terjadi. 
  1. Laju pertumbuhan ekonomi terkait dengan konsumsi domestik juga, dan bahkan ini elemen terbesar dalam membentuk PDB kita. Ini harus distimulus dengan konsumsi yang dibarengi penyediaan produk yang dibutuhkan tersebut, khususnya produk domestik juga. Hal yang sama juga dengan investasi, yang merupakan salah satu unsur dominan pembentuk GDP kita. Investasi akan ditanam, baik oleh investor lokal maupun asing  manakala pelaku ekonomi, domestik maupun lokal, nyaman dan tidak khawatir dengan iklim sosial-politik-ekonomi dalam negeri. Kebijakan fiskal, yang mencerminkan pengeluaran pemerintah, juga perlu distimulus sehingga pengeluaran bisa efektif dan efisien untuk menimbulkan ekspansi dalam perekonomian nasional. Hambatan birokratis dalam pembelanjaan anggaran.  Demikian pula ekonomi rakyat, ekonomi marhaen, yang dulu banyak digadang saat kampanye, merupakan penggerak ekonomi yang luar biasa jika betul-betul diperhatikan dan diberdayakan. Saat ini keluhan dari para ekonomi lemah yang merasa semakin miskin santer diberitakan.
  1. Masyarakat sebetulnya sudah terbiasa dengan perbedaan antara yang didengungkan pemerintah dengan realitas yang ada. Sejak zaman Orde Baru berbagai janji dan kalimat yang menyejukkan tentang pembangunan dan data ekonomi selalu muncul. Masyarakat siap menerima realitas yang berbeda dengan apa yang disampaikan secara verbal oleh pejabat, ataupun oleh statistik yang beda dengan angka nyata. Namun pada era Presiden Jokowi ini respons berbeda muncul manakala janji dan realitas berbeda jauh. Ini karena masyarakat menaruh harapan besar pada Presiden Jokowi ini. Masyarakat sudah menyerap sedalam-dalamnya  berbagai angin perubahan yang dijanjikan. Masyarakat begitu percaya dan menaruh harapan besar pada Jokowi. Kita melihat pada masa kampanye betapa para pendukung dan fanatisme Jokowi tidak bisa menerima suatu kritik pada Capres waktu itu. Dengan harapan dan fanatisme seperti itu, maka menjadi wajar manakala situasi tidak seperti yang dibayangkan terjadi memunculkan kekecewaan yang sangat besar pula.
  1. Salah satu yang menimbulkan optimisme di awal pemerintahan Jokowi adalah tekadnya untuk penegakah hukum dan mengikis habis korupsi. Ini adalah faktor sangat signifikan yang menimbulkan kelambanan pembangunan ekonomi nasional selama ini. Lemahnya penegakan hukum telah semakin meninggikan ketidakpastian dalam kegiatan ekonomi. Berbagai pengeluaran untuk investasi,  misalnya menjadi tidak pasti, yang membuat para investor dan pelaku ekonomi secara keseluruhan ragu-ragu untuk melaksanakan aktivitas ekonomi. Demikian pula praktik suap, korupsi, dan sejenisnya telah menimbulkan ekonomi biaya tinggi. Badan-badan Usaha Milik Negara juga sering ditengarai menjadi “sapi perah” banyak fihak, sehingga menyebabkan kinerjanya tidak optimal. Hal-hal seperti ini dijanjikan untuk dibersihkan. Namun demikian, jika dilihat dari kinerja semester pertama pemerintahannya, maka hal itu ibarat “panggang jauh dari api”. Dapat dilihat bagaimana KPK yang selama ini sangat ditakuti dan disegani menjadi lembaga yang seolah kehilangan taringnya, tanpa ada kekuatan dari lembaga kepresidenan yang secara kuat dan tegas menyelamatkannya. Saat ini semua tahu bahwa daya dobrak KPK sudah jauh melorot dibanding masa sebelum Jokowi. Ini semakin jauh dari nawacita kedua yang digaungkan Jokowi, yakni  “.... akan membuat pemerintah tidak absen dengan membangun tata kelola pemerintahan bersih, efektif, demokratis, dan terpercaya”.  Jika sutuasi ini berlanjut maka dapat dipastikan kita akan kembali mengalami kemunduran, dan kinerja ekonomi akan semakin jauh dari yang diharapkan dan dijanjikan.
  1. Keadaan ekonomi kita juga semakin terancam apabila tidak ada upaya serius untuk melakukan penguatan-penguatan dan perbaikan mengingat akhir tahun ini juga sudah akan dilaksanakan Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (AEC/MEA) yang membuat ekonomi kita menjadi sangat liberal dalam regional ASEAN. MEA pada hakikatnya merupakan liberalisasi yang  mencakup seluruh bidang ekonomi yang selama ini sebagian masih kita hambat masuk, baik itu melalui tarif ataupun non-tarif. Liberalisasi ini mencakup lima elemen yang akan memperoleh kebabasan, yaitu kebebasan arus barang, jasa, investasi, modal, dan tenaga kerja.  Dengan demikian, hubungan ekonomi intra-ASEAN sudah menyerupai hubungan ekonomi dalam Masyarakat Eropa (EC). Hanya saja yang membedakan terutama terkait adanya mata uang tunggal yang di ASEAN masih sebatas wacana, kebebasan lalulintas antarwarganegara yang di ASEAN masih membutuhkan paspor, dan ketiadaan Bank Sentral ASEAN yang di EC sudah memiliki Bank Sentral Eropa, yang bertanggung jawab atas kebijakan moneter untuk 16 negara yang menggunakan mata uang Euro.
  1. Dalam situasi normal, dengan tingkat daya saing seperti sekarang saja tidak mudah bagi Indonesia untuk berkompetisi dengan negara-negara ASEAN lainnya, terutama dengan Singapura, Malaysia, dan Thailand. Terlebih lagi dengan liberalisasi yang kita lakukan, yang kini jauh lebih bebas. Pengalaman kita denga China, saat diimplementasikan CAFTA (China-ASEAN Free Trade Agrrement) awal  2010, dalam waktu singkat produk China membanjiri pasar Indonesia.  Situasinya hampir sama dengan MEA. Ketika ide yang sudah digaungkan awal tahun 2000an dan disepakati tahun 2004, kita belum banyak bersiap diri dan seolah situasi seperti biasa, business as usual. Namun ketika sudah mau dilaksanakan, saat injury time barulan kita sibuk dan menyatakan belum siap. Akibatnya, wajar kalau Tiongkok jauh lebih diuntungkan dibanding Indonesia dengan adanya CAFTA tersebut. Hal yang sama dapat terjadi lagi dengan MEA. Pemerintahan yang baru ini harusnya sudah  berlari kencang, dan harus sudah langsung tancap gas menyiapkan segala strategi agar saat diberlakukannya MEA kita sudah siap. Namun yang terjadi adalah kelengahan kita, dan seakan tidak ada antisipasi khusus terhadap MEA ini. Padahal kelalaian atau kelambanan dalam menyikapi MEA akan berpotensi menjadikan Indonesia menjadi pasar produk ASEAN lainnya, dan akan membuat kita menjadi  “tamu di negeri sendiri”.
  1. Namun, seperti yang disampaikan di muka, dengan kurun waktu yang sangat pendek, tidak bisa kita mengambil konklusi bahwa pemerintahan Jokowi-JK sudah gagal dalam membangun ekonomi Bangsa. Paling tidak sampai setengah perjalanan baru bisa dinilai secara lebih obyektif. Masih sangat mungkin jika pada semester-semester selanjutnya bida dilakukan berbagai perbaikan-perbaikan, berbagai rencana bisa diaktualkan, tim ekonomi berkoordinasi lebih baik, stabilitas politik dan keamanan terjaga, upaya pemberantasan korupsi semakin digalakkan, dan ekonomi biaya tinggi semakin ditekan, maka percepatan pembanguan ekonomi akan bisa terjadi. Namun, jika situasi ke depan tetap seperti semester pertama ini, maka hasil yang lebih buruk dari pendahulunya dalam bisang ekonomi, dan mungkin juga dalam bidang lain, bisa saja terjadi.***
Sembilan program prioritas Jokowi-Jk (Nawa Cita)
  1. Kami akan menghadirkan kembali negara untuk melindungi segenap bangsa dan memberikan rasa aman pada seluruh warga negara, melalui pelaksanaan politik luar negeri bebas aktif, keamanan nasional yang terpercaya dan pembangunan pertahanan negara Tri Matra terpadu yang dilandasi kepentingan nasional dan memperkuat jati diri sebagai negara maritim.
  2. Kami akan membuat pemerintah tidak absen dengan membangun tata kelola pemerintahan bersih, efektif, demokratis, dan terpercaya.
  3. Kami akan membangun Indonesia dari pinggiran dengan memperkuat daerah-daerah dan desa dalam kerangka negara kesatuan.
  4. Kami akan menolak negara lemah dengan melakukan reformasi sistem dan penegakan hukum yang bebas korupsi, bermartabat dan terpercaya.
  5. Kami akan meningkatkan kualitas hidup manusia Indonesia, melalui peningkatan kualitas pendidikan dan pelatihan dengan program Indonesia Pintar wajib belajar 12 tahun bebas pungutan.
  6. Kami akan meningkatkan produktivitas rakyat dan daya saing di pasar internasional, sehingga bangsa Indonesia bisa maju dan bangkit bersama bangsa-bangsa Asia lainnya.
  7. Kami akan mewujudkan kemandirian ekonomi dengan menggerakan sektor-sektor strategis ekonomi domestik.
  8. Kami akan melakukan revolusi karakter bangsa, melalui kebijakan penataan kembali kurikulum pendidikan nasional dengan mengedepankan aspek pendidikan kewarganegaraan.
  9. Kami akan memperteguh Kebhinekaan dan memperkuat restorasi sosial Indonesia, melalui kebijakan memperkuat pendidikan kebhinekaan dan menciptakan ruang-ruang dialog antarwarga.
Oleh: Edy Suandi Hamid
  • Guru Besar ilmu Ekonomi pada FE UII Yogyakarta, Wakil Ketua Pengurus Pusat Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia (ISEI), Ketua Umum Asosiasi Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Indonesia (APTISI), dan Rektor UII (2006-2014).
  • Disampaikan pada acara Diskusi Publik bertema “Masih Efektifkah Pemerintahan Jokowi-JK dalam Mengantarkan Bangsa Indonesia Menuju Masyarakat yang Sejahtera dan Kerkeadilan?” yang diadakan MMD Initiative, Hotel NAM jalan Angkasa Jakarta 27 Mei 2015.
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