Sunday, July 2, 2017

Groobix helps you run and control your sales, and your most important business processes.
1. Accelerate your sales and maximize results

Groobix helps you avoid delays in your sales process and makes your salespeople keep the pace.

Each day your team gets a guide with all the sales tasks to get done, and make all opportunities move forward.

2. Supervise your sales like never before

With clear, useful graphics, keep an eye on your sales and your team's work.

Monitor your business progress from anywhere and make sure all opportunities advance as planed, or react rapidly to any change.

3.Differentiate from your competition with Groobix online Sales Quotes and Invoices

Bring your customers to your own branded web-pages to present them with your Sales Quotes and Invoices.

Your invoices and quotes are now also a great marketing tool!

4. Promote your business and win new customers

With Groobix it's extremely easy to make your business known and heard online, on the web and in social networks.

Groobix apps implement the online marketing full circle: promotion -> lead capture -> lead management, with no technical knowledge required.

5. Modernize your Customer Service

Leverage the web to serve your customers at maximum speed.

Create unlimited web forms. Groobix helps you receive your customers or prospects requests, and quickly identify and route new business opportunities to your sales team.

6. Improve your productivity with online collaboration tools

Groobix includes applications specially crafted to improve your business' productivity.

From internal discussiones, to project management and multi-user todo lists. Share documents and useful information to coordinate your team and make it tick like a swiss clock.

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